Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro

I am well rounded in both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. I have a solid track record and an advanced understanding of how to edit creative new projects with both of these digital workspaces and their equivalent audio component.

Public Relations and Social Media

Working with start-ups and individual clients means being more than just an editor or director; it means being their PR representative, their social media coordinator, their videographer and their teacher It isn't enough to be an expert in your chosen field, you have to be well-versed in every step of the journey with the humility to learn what you haven't been taught, without the convenience of not knowing!

Media Production and Storyboarding

I am a creative and organized individual, and as any of my clients will tell you, I have a solid vision and always get the job done with attention to detail and a strong drive.

Research, Analysis, and Strategy

Working for non-profits, such as Maison D'Art, (a program that builds schools for the children of Haiti) has taught me that nothing is more important than the research, analysis, and strategy. Without a plan, you will fail, 100% of the time!

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