Content Creation

Option 2-01-01.jpg

Ohginelle Media card

This was a solo collaboration I did with a client, to create a media kit. This asset is a scaled version of a standard press release, customized for her and her brand persona.


Nailed It 

Logo and Branding

Another solo collaboration I did with a client, to create an entire company. After I pitched several names, he selected one and I created his brand concept, logo, color palette, website, advertisements, organizational infrastructure and stayed on as Operational Director until the company was operating effectively.


Nailed It Cleaning

Logo and Branding

This was an addition to the Nailed It. I repeated the same process with Nailed It Cleaning's new owner and stayed on again until the company was operational and ready to give back to her with process in place.

Government Shut down and Aviation Infogr

Aviation Specific

Government Shutdown 

Flow Chart

This was a solo collaboration I did for a blog, to create a flow chart of the 2018-2019 government shutdown.